Negotiations between Israel and Palestine is still undecided

Today, many who were unaware of the news events that have been unfolding in Israel and Palestine are already speculating about what might happen next. The success of the peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine is still undecided. The outcome of the negotiations is therefore not yet assured.

People who are living in the Middle East have been involved in numerous conflicts in the past that have gone to war. This history is a reason why many people fear an unforeseen conflict between the two countries.

In recent years, there have been numerous conflicts in the world including the one in America. After listening to the declarations of a couple of protesters on CNN, I think we can conclude that the debate that occurred this time was just a bunch of noise.

Hamas’ Reason for attacking Israel

For those who do not know, Israel was attacked by Hamas because they thought the country is supporting Palestinian terrorism. We all know that the international community does not support Hamas; however, this does not mean that the two sides should be in conflict with each other. On the contrary, it’s important to realize that one side has a legitimate right to protest against another.

Although Israel said that they are willing to negotiate, the obvious fact is that they will not accept a peace agreement that includes accepting Hamas. The country is an ally to the United States and is a major defense force. However, Israel is not ready to negotiate a peace treaty that doesn’t include them.

Since the protests are held every Friday, the government is trying to appease them by allowing them to protest in a moderate way. Their demonstration is allowed to be attended by Jews and non-Jews alike. It is the first time that this has ever happened in Israel.

Many political groups participated in the protests including one group which is a moderate Muslim group. The Muslim group wants to end their conflict with Israel, which has caused a lot of suffering. Their demand is to stop the violence and kill those who plan to kill and the warring with Israel.

The government is allowing them to demonstrate, but they are also providing additional facts. For example, they allowed them to place bombs on buses that is supposed to be carrying civilian passengers. I believe this is another attempt to stir the protesters up and make them feel that the government is allowing them to do so.

The demonstrations that are being held today have no relationship to the International tensions. The government feels that it is best for them to try to calm down the situation. This is because they feel that a peaceful solution will be better than having more violent demonstrations.

Terrorist organizations to opposing the peace process

There has never been a direct conflict between the two countries; however, this has led to many terrorist organizations to oppose the peace process. According to their analysis, the situation could escalate and can create more tensions between the two sides. This is why the government is worried about the outcome of the negotiations.

The protests by the Muslim group that supports Hamas are causing a lot of problems for the country since they are trying to cause more terrorism. If Hamas was in control of the Gaza Strip, the country would be secure. However, since the group is under pressure from many protesters, they might be forced to negotiate.

Yesterday, the government made a statement in which they were saying that they were joining hands with the Qods Tour in efforts to bring about peace between the two sides. The government is hoping that they can work together and ensure the safety of the citizens of both countries. They also hope that the future of the people will be much better because of this endeavor.