The political conflict between Israel and Palestine has long been a source of tension and disagreement. For many centuries, Israel and Palestine have been closely linked. We see this in the historical connection between Israel and its holiest place, the Temple Mount, and of course in the British mandate of Palestine.

Political and religious conflict

But the present political and religious conflicts are more recent. It was the world war that sparked the current crisis. At that time, it was Europe and Britain that saw Israel as a threat. In fact, at that time, Israel was still a country that was relatively young and far from fully developed.

After the war, Europe decided to make concessions to the Zionist movement and allowed them to create a state within a state by letting them annex parts of Palestine. When the British came to take back the land after the war, they also imposed further restrictions on the Zionists. The Jews were restricted to only certain sections of Jerusalem and were not allowed to emigrate. This situation led to tensions between the Zionists and the Jews in general.

At that time, Europe was still grappling with the question of Jewish immigration to Israel and, more importantly, to Palestine. In fact, it was not just the establishment of the state but also the continued restrictions on Jewish immigration into Palestine that sparked the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948. Because of this, Israel and Palestine were bound together. They have been following each other’s fortunes and suffered the many hardships that come with that.

As for the Arabs, they also feel the weight of the past. They had opposed the Zionist movement since the beginning of the Zionist movement. Thus, the conflict did not start just now. It started in the 18th century. That is how long their fight has been.

However, both sides do not agree on the future of the land. They do not want the same thing but both do not want the other to win. With that, the only solution possible is for two states, Israel and Palestine, to coexist peacefully.

This may seem impossible, because, as both states are not independent and each would lose the other one if they were to go. However, it is actually not that complicated. Both countries would eventually gain independence when the other one achieves a state of its own. Then, they would be free to live and travel and take part in international trade.

Both countries should be given equal rights

The question of equality is also a moot point. Israel and Palestine should be given equal rights and say, and the people of each should have the right to control their government and economy and make decisions.

This may sound too idealistic and unrealistic, but it is the only solution that both countries can accept. No matter what, both sides have a responsibility to make sure that everyone will be happy.

The Arab world, which does not have a clear vision of what it wants, supports the two states. But the Muslim world, which has no real vision, opposes both countries.

Both sides do not even want to think about unity, but the truth is that the issue is on its way to being resolved. Whatever the result, the situation will remain at a stalemate. Sooner or later, either side will have to make compromises so that things can change.

It is also important to note that, whatever the eventuality maybe, the governments and the people of both states have to make the decision to agree to all the terms that are written. Those who win do not always deserve to win. It is up to us to keep an eye on what is happening and try to influence those who are causing problems.