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The Support Gush Shalom ad has been sent to Ha'aretz for publication in the Hebrew edition on September 13, 2002.

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The Support Gush Shalom ad has been sent to The Jerusalem Post for publication in the Hebrew edition on September 20, 2002.

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There are no current plans to publish the statement of support again in other papers.  However, we are committed to keeping this page up-to-date to list all new signatories.  In addition, any new monies that are donated will be sent to Gush Shalom.  Therefore we encourage you to add your name, using the form, below.

You may also use the "Donate Now" button, below, to donate money directly to Not In My Name to support our ongoing work.  With no large donors, our work depends on the continuous support of people like you.  Thank you.

Thank you for your interest and support of this project.

In the past several weeks, Gush Shalom ("Peace Bloc") has come under strong attack inside Israel for issuing warnings of war crimes violations to IDF officers, thereby raising the specter of trials in Israeli or international courts for illegal actions taken as part of occupation.  The death of a "human shield" has vividly raised the importance of this issue in Israel.  Yet, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, along with many other officials, has called for an investigation of Gush Shalom, and Ha'aretz, the New York Times of Israel, published an editorial criticizing them.

Join the growing number of concerned people around the world who publicly declare their support for Gush Shalom.  Fill out the form below to have your name placed on a full-page ad in in Ha'aretz (if you want to contribute to the ad, but not publish your name, you can indicate that on the form).

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In past weeks, Gush Shalom has come under attack for its efforts to make Israel Defense Forces officers aware of the consequences of committing acts that constitute war crimes under the Fourth Geneva Convention, of which Israel is a signatory.

According to Israeli military law, there are "manifestly illegal orders" over which the "black flag of illegality" flies.  Israeli soldiers are instructed to refuse to carry out such orders, which include execution without trial (called "liquidation"), killing of defenseless wounded (called "verification of death"), preventing medical help from reaching the injured, shooting at ambulances and medical teams, allowing populations to starve, dropping bombs on residential areas, wholesale destruction of houses, penalizing families for the deeds of one of their members by expulsion and home demolition.

Under the terms of the Fourth Geneva Convention, perpetrators of illegal orders (war crimes) in the Occupied Territories should be brought to trial in a court of Israeli or international law.  Gush Shalom seeks to avoid the commission of war crimes by warning officers and soldiers of the IDF of this possibility.

Rather than condemning Gush Shalom, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Minister of Justice Me'ir Shitreet should be thanking Gush Shalom for taking this courageous stand.  They should be taking every action possible to ensure that the men and women of the IDF no longer are asked to carry out manifestly illegal orders.

Gush Shalom seeks to promote the best interests of Israel and of peace.  We, the undersigned supporters of a just, lasting, and secure peace between Israelis and Palestinians, support Gush Shalom as it alerts their fellow citizens to the disastrous consequences of Occupation.

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