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Nest’s video doorbell is added in series of smart home devices at just US$ 229

Recently, Nest announced that they have lined up some smart products including Nest Secure for home security systems, Nest Cam IQ for outdoor, and Nest Hello as video doorbell. Among, Nests Secure and IQ doorbell are out already and available in the market. Now, the Hello and Nest x Yale Lock is officially available at US$ 229 and US$ 249.

Along with these devices, the Nest unveiled the Nest Temperature Sensor. This will be an assistant to the Nest Thermostat. The device allows controlling the temperature in each room. The device will be priced at US$ 39 for single piece and for a pack of three devices it will cost up to US$ 99. To order this, the pre-booking will be available from today itself. It will be shipped until next month.

The smart home devices have enabled the Google Assistance. These devices have their apps; the user can easily access the device from the app when they are away from home. Additionally, due to Google Assistance, the device can be accessed with voice-recognition also.

The Hello camera has the vertical ratio of 4:3 so that it will be easier to monitor the person present in front of the door whenever family members will not be at home. Additionally, the device has “quiet time” mode which is similar to Do Not Disturb feature. The user will receive the push notifications on the connected phone. The Nest x Yale Lock installed on the door, then it will be able to open the door from its app.

Some of the Nest products are expensive than others smart home equipment. Like, the Ring’s products are available for just US$ 134 on Amazon. Amazon’s Cloud Cam is available for just US$ 120 and price for Nest Cam Indoor is US$ 200. And monthly subscription is about US$ 5 to store the video recording for a month.

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