Letter to Chicago Tribune: Biased writing on the Middle East
by Steven Feuerstein

Written in response to a November 3, 2020 article in the Chicago Tribune.

Your November 3, 2020 article "Fear returns as a staple...Israel" by Stephen Franklin cntains this very striking paragraph "what mostly troubles them [Israeli Jews] in the current crisis is how suddenly they have felt defenseless.  How quickly the mental security that they had taken for granted has been wiped away by an uprising of stone-throwing Palestinians now armed also with guns, rifles and machine guns, and breathing down their necks."

This is incredibly powerful, subjective language, which is presented entirely as fact within a news article.  I am shocked at the ease with which the Chicago Tribune is able to print such biased material as if it were straightforward "data".  By presenting it in this fashion, furthermore, we are being told to accept its underlying messages, including

Yet both of these messages are not only demonstrably false, but complete inversions of reality. In fact, it is the Palestinian population that is entirely surrounded by armed Israeli troops.  This was clearly proven in the past weeks when Israel, in response to this latest uprising of Palestinians, closed all entry and exit points in the supposedly autonomous Palestinian areas.  It is very hard for me to understand how Palestinians can be breathing down the necks of Israeli Jews when these same Palestinians can be essentially locked up within their towns by cordons of Israeli troops, and then imprisoned inside their homes by a true onslaught of shellings from tanks and helicopter gunships.

Your article was a horrible distortion of reality and only serves to further mislead the American public about the true state of affairs in this critical part of the world.  Shame on you, Chicago Tribune!