Not In My Name Takes Urgent Response to Renewed Violence in Gaza
Not In My Name

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—Wednesday March 11, 2021

Not In My Name, a predominantly Jewish organization, will hold an emergency action along Lake Shore Drive near Buckingham Fountain this Thursday, March 13 at 7am to demonstrate our objection to the recent Israeli atrocities in the Gaza Strip.  We will also demonstrate against the Israeli request for an additional $4 billion in military aid to Israel that Congress is considering.

"Not In My Name grieves for the families of both Israelis and Palestinians who continue to lose their lives in this horrific conflict," says Joel Finkel, spokesperson for Not In My Name.  "Suicide bombings that target Israeli civilians are heinous, criminal acts that must be condemned.  We understand that 35 years of brutal military occupation can result in such crimes.  The occupation itself is criminal."

Last week, war crimes were committed in Jabalya refugee camp, documented by the Palestine Centre for Human Rights.  11 civilians were killed, 3 of them children and 2 old men.  Dozens of homes and civilian facilities were destroyed.

"It is abhorrent that the American people should be required to pay for these atrocities with our tax dollars," says Andrea Shapiro, long time activist and Not In My Name member.  "War crimes are illegal, immoral, and serve only to increase terror, not lessen it.  We are complicit in every action taken, if our tax dollars fund it."

Not In My Name endorses "The National Day of Advocacy to Oppose Israel's Supplemental Aid Request," as called for by the Arab American Institute.  We endorse this action because it includes $4 billion in military aid, which we oppose.  We urge the American public to contact their elected officials on March 12 and 26 to request that this supplemental funding be denied.

Cindy Levitt, co-founder of Not In My Name, invites participation in both actions.  "For me, part of being Jewish is standing for justice and human rights for all people.  To sit by and watch what Israel does in my name as a Jew compels me to speak out and do whatever I can to end the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem, which is the root cause of the continuing violence."