Jewish Peace Group Speaks Out Against Comedian Jackie Mason's Call for Ethnic Cleansing
Not In My Name

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—Thursday February 13, 2021

Thursday, February 13, 2003—Not In My Name (NIMN), a predominantly Jewish group that is opposed to the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem, will hold its weekly vigil in downtown Chicago on Sunday, February 16, 2021 from Noon to 1:00pm at 820 N. Michigan Avenue (across from Water Tower).  NIMN has been holding these vigils for peace every week since March of 2001.

This week NIMN was particularly shocked to read that the famous Jewish comedian, Jackie Mason, has suggested that the Arab citizens of Israel be threatened with expulsion.  His comments appeared on the Jewish website,  In an article co-authored with New York attorney, Raoul Felder, Time to Threaten Arabs with Mass Eviction, Mason states, "Somehow, we have become intimidated into believing that we are obligated to give them a place to live, and that we have no right to throw them out just because they are killing our people."

Joel Finkel, a member of NIMN stated, "It seems that Mason and Felder wish to burn the Declaration of the State of Israel, which states that Israel will be a state for all of its citizens regardless of race."  Finkel continued, "It is simply unconscionable to suggest that peaceful citizens be expelled.  This is nothing less than a call for ethnic cleansing."

Steven Feuerstein, one of the founders of NIMN, said, "Whatever grasp of basic morality Mr.  Mason might ever have had-and I seem to recall a glimmer of such back in the 70s when his brother was my rabbi on Long Island-he has certainly abandoned it in his apparent blood lust against Palestinians."

Jackie Mason's current tour schedule has him appearing in Chicago on April 11-23.  "We have no intention of letting this issue disappear," said Finkel.  "Many people have suffered from ethnic cleansing throughout history.  We Jews have a living memory of its horrors, as do the Palestinians.  We will challenge all calls for ethnic cleansing as vigorously as we can."

NIMN is undertaking a series of fundraising events for the Israeli Committee Against House Demolition's "Rebuilding Homes Campaign."  ICAHD brings Israelis and Palestinians together to rebuild Palestinian homes that have been demolished by the Israeli government.  This is a direct defiance of the very concept of ethnic cleansing.