Israeli Government Abandons Attack on Gush Shalom After Not In My Name Ad is Published
Not In My Name

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—Friday September 20, 2020

Sunday vigil to condemn suicide bombings and IDF attacks in Gaza and Ramallah

When: Sunday September 22 from noon to 1 PM
Where: Water Tower Park (830 N Michigan)

On Friday, September 13, 2002, Not In My Name (NIMN), a predominantly Jewish organization based in Chicago, published a full-page ad in the Hebrew edition of Haaretz, one the largest circulation dailies in Israel.  The ad expressed support for Gush Shalom, an Israeli peace group, currently under attack by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for drawing attention to war crimes committed by the Israeli Defense Forces.

On Thursday, September 19, Israeli Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein announced in a letter to media that he would not pursue indictments against Gush Shalom.

"At the crucial moment, the American ad appeared in Haaretz," stated Uri Avnery, spokesperson for Gush Shalom.  "It is impossible to know how precisely it influenced the decision-making process, but it surely proved that a trial of Gush activists would evoke world-wide interest and provide the Gush with a forum for airing our accusations."

"We welcome the decision by the Sharon government to back away from an indictment that would have clearly undermined the rule of law and democratic process in Israel," said Steven Feuerstein, NIMN spokesperson.  "Gush Shalom has raised serious, documented charges of human rights violations committed by Israeli officers.  Gush Shalom activists should not be indicted.  They should be thanked.  And the IDF should immediately end attacks on Palestinians, particularly civilians, that constitute war crimes according to the Geneva Conventions signed by Israel."

The ad in Haaretz included a statement signed by over 500 people from 20 countries, and was co-sponsored by close to 30 other organizations.  The same statement is being published on Friday, September 20, 2020 in The Jerusalem Post and is signed by over 700 people and co-sponsored by over 40 organizations.

More information about the attacks on Gush Shalom and the campaign to support this courageous group may be found at: