Not In My Name Publishes Ad in Ha'aretz to Support Israeli Peace Group, Gush Shalom
Not In My Name

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—Friday September 13, 2020

Sunday vigil to call on Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to end his attacks on group

When: Sunday, September 15 from noon to 1 PM
Where: Water Tower Park (830 N Michigan)

Not In My Name (NIMN), a predominantly Jewish organization based in Chicago, culminated a two week organizing drive that raised over $11,000 and gathered over 650 signatures on a statement of support for the Israeli peace group, Gush Shalom.  NIMN received co-sponsorship for this ad from some 40 organization from 9 countries.  This statement in Hebrew, along with the signatures, will be published as a full-page ad in the September 13 Hebrew edition of Ha'aretz, one the largest circulation dailies in Israel.  Gush Shalom is currently under extreme attack by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for drawing attention to war crimes committed by the Israeli Defense Forces.

"In recent weeks, leaders of Gush Shalom have been threatened with arrest and charges with treason for the simple act of warning its political and military leaders when their actions in the Occupied Territories may constitute war crimes," said Steven Feuerstein, NIMN spokesperson.  "Rather than address these grave warnings, the Prime Minister and Minister of Justice have chosen to demonstrate their utter disregard for freedom of speech and democracy within their own nation.  They seek to silence the messenger and suppress dissent.  All Israelis, and everyone concerned about democracy within Israel, should raise their voices of concern."

The ad features the names of Jews-including several rabbis-and many non-Jews from over twenty countries.  NIMN plans to follow up on this placement in Ha'aretz with a second placement in the English-language Jerusalem Post, which will feature an expanded list of signatories and co-sponsors.

More information about the growing attacks on Gush Shalom and the campaign to support this courageous group may be found at the web site:

The text of the ad, along with current lists of co-sponsoring organizations and signatories, may also be found there.