To Texas Hillel
by Justin Schwartz

Sent to Texas Hillel on May 21, 2020 after they refused to accept membership of the Jewish Students for Palestinian Liberation.

Dear Texas Hillel,

I take up your invitation to discuss with your your decision to bar Jewish Students for Palestinian Liberation from Texas Hillel.  I cannot claim any connection to Texas, but I have always felt a connection to Hillel—my parents met at Ohio State Hillel, and in a sense I owe my existence to the oeganization.  I think that you should be ashamed.  I am asahamed as a Jew to see Jews enforcing a Stalinist ideological uniformity, running the revisionists out of the Jewish community.  This is Jewish openness to criticism?  This is the Jewish liberal tradition?

This is nonsense.

Worse: you exclude the JSPL because you say that Hillel requires that all Jews fall in line in support of Israel.  Apparently the thought that the support of Israel requires justice for Palestinians is one too many for you.  For you, the support of Israel requires support of Israeli government policy: repression, house demolitions, assassinations carried out by Apaeche helicopters, retaliationary strikes with jets against the home villages of suicide bombers.  This is the Israel we are supposed to support, the Israel of the international infamous war criminal Sharon—forbidden by Israeli law from ever holding the post of defense minister because of his crimes in Lebanon?  How dare you?  Not in my name! The Israel I support is a light unto the nations, and here I agree with JSPL.  Your Israel is apparently something a bit different.

Justin Schwartz, Esq.
Chicago, IL