In Response to an Op-Ed Piece by Uri Dromi
by David Green

Sent to the Chicago Tribune on February 2, 2021 in response to an op-ed piece by Uri Dromi.

Uri Dromi (Commentary, 2/2), suggests that Palestinians have invented and re-invented terrorism.  Let's get some historical facts straight.  As the Israeli historian Simha Flapan wrote, Zionist terror groups in the 1940s "established the pattern of terrorism adopted 30 years later by Al-Fatah."  For examples: Jewish terrorists killed 338 British citizens in Palestine during the 1940s; Jewish terrorists assassinated at least 40 Jews during the pre-State period; Jewish terrorists blew up American installations in Egypt and blamed Egyptians; in December 1954, the Israeli Air Force hijacked a Syrian airliner to get hostages to exchange for Israeli soldiers, which that was 14 years before the PLO did it, as Dromi states, in 1968, in what he defines as Palestinians' "contribution to terrorism"; and finally, Jewish terrorists invented the letter bomb.  As a Jew, I would at least think that we would want to take more credit for our creativity.  Dromi, with great modesty, obviously feels otherwise.  Perhaps for good reason.