Violent Society
by Rafi Miller

Haaretz Wednesday, January 17, 2021

A[s] a Jew and ex-IDF officer, I was shocked to see IDF soldiers dragging a bleeding young Palestinian in the streets of Hebron.  The shocking image showed our solders as sadists who rejoice over the killing of a young man, and drag his body to our settlers to rejoice, dance, exchange candy and congratulations and kick the not-yet-dead body.

It reminds me of cheetahs and hyenas, which kill and drag their prey.  The problem is that these animals kill to survive.  Our solders kill to maintain the occupation, an apartheid system.

It seems to me that our society has become increasingly violent and moved away from Zionist principles.  When the Arab crowd lynched our solders in Ramallah, it was criminal, and they were savage, and when our disciplined solders do it, it is heroism and civilized.

I strongly believe that their blood is as red as ours and equally sacred.  Our army's actions in the West Bank and Gaza amount to crimes against humanity.  The Israel Defense Forces should investigate in a fair way and punish these soldiers before the world wakes up and put most of us on trial for crimes against humanity.