Urgent warning: The Israeli government may be contemplating crimes against humanity
Members of Israeli Academe

Dear Friends,

The following is a petition which is getting organized by members of the Israeli academe.  I think it speaks for itself.  While not condoning inhuman crimes cynically perpetrated by extremist Palestinians against civilians in Israel in the name of so-called freedom fighting, the official response of the current Israeli government often becomes a version of State Terrorism, and rather than directed at stopping the circle of bloodshed seems intent on increasing it for reasons mentioned in the petition below.  It is not easy for an Israeli to sign this text.  If we did, it is to raise our voice and your conscience to help stopping this snowball process leading the whole area into the abyss of senseless violence.

For better days,
A. Oz

Professor Avraham Oz
Department of Theatre
University of Haifa
Mount Carmel, 31905 Haifa, Israel
Telefax: +972-3-5609627

Urgent warning: The Israeli government may be contemplating crimes against humanity.

We, members of Israeli academe, are horrified by US buildup of aggression towards Iraq and by the Israeli political leadership's enthusiastic support for it.

We are deeply worried by indications that the "fog of war" could be exploited by the Israeli government to commit further crimes against the Palestinian people, up to full-fledged ethnic cleansing.

The Israeli ruling coalition includes parties that promote "transfer" of the Palestinian population as a solution to what they call "the demographic problem".  Politicians are regularly quoted in the media as suggesting forcible expulsion, most recently MKs Michael Kleiner and Benny Elon, as reported on Yediot Ahronot website on September 19, 2002.  In a recent interview in Ha'aretz, Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon described the Palestinians as a "cancerous manifestation" and equated the military actions in the Occupied Territories with "chemotherapy", suggesting that more radical "treatment" may be necessary.  Prime Minister Sharon has backed this "assessment of reality".  Escalating racist demagoguery concerning the Palestinian citizens of Israel may indicate the scope of the crimes that are possibly being contemplated.

We call upon the International Community to pay close attention to events that unfold within Israel and in the Occupied Territories, to make it absolutely clear that crimes against humanity will not be tolerated, and to take concrete measures to prevent such crimes from taking place.

Signatories, as of the 23 Sept 2002, morning:

Prof. Zach AdamRehovot
Prof. Colman AltmanHaifa
Dr. Janina AltmanHaifa
Tammy Amiel-HouserTel Aviv
Chaya AmirTel Aviv
Dr. Shmuel AmirTel Aviv
Prof. Daniel AmitJerusalem/Rome
Yali AmitChicago, Illinois
Dr. Meir AmorMontreal
Dr. Yonathan (Jon) AnsonBeer Sheva
Prof. Shalom BaerJerusalem
Dan Bar-OnBeer Sheva
Dr. Avner Ben-AmosTel Aviv
Prof. Matania Ben-ArtziJerusalem
Prof. Linda Ben-ZviTel Aviv
Avi BergTel Aviv
Dr. Louise BethlehemHod Hasharon
Prof. Anat BilezkiTel Aviv
Uri BitanHaifa
Prof. Daniel BoyarinBerkeley
Prof. Victoria BuchJerusalem
Smadar CarmonToronto
Dr. Nicole Cohen-AddadTel Aviv
Dr. Uri DavisSakhnin
Athena Elizabeth DeRasmoHaifa
Prof. Aharon EviatarTel Aviv
Dr. Ovadia EzraTel Aviv
Prof. Emmanuel FarjounJerusalem
Pnina FirestoneJerusalem
Elizabeth FreundJerusalem
Gadi GeigerCambridge, MA
Dr. Amira GelblumTel Aviv
Prof. Rachel GioraTel Aviv
Dr. Anat Goldrat-FirstNetanya
Dr. Ofra Goldstein-GidoniTel Aviv
Dr. Neve GordonBeer Sheva
Dr. Yerah GoverNew York
Prof. Charles W. GreenbaumJerusalem
Dr. Lev GrinbergBeer Sheva
Ran HaCohenTel Aviv
Prof. Uri HadarTel Aviv
Prof. Galit Hasan-RokemJerusalem
Dr. Sara HelmanBeer Sheva
Prof. Hanna HerzogTel Aviv
Prof. Ze'ev HerzogTel Aviv
Prof. Hannan HeverJerusalem
Dr. Tikva Honig-ParnassJerusalem
Shirly HouserTel Aviv
Tal ItzhakiHaifa
Prof. Eva JablonkaTel Aviv
Andrea JacobsAustin, Texas
Dr. Devorah Kalekin-FishmanHaifa
Aya KaniukJerusalem
Prof. Jacob KatrielHaifa
Prof. Tamar KatrielHaifa
Prof. Baruch KimmerlingJerusalem
Dr. Haggai KupermintzBoulder, Colorado
Dr. Ron KuzarHaifa
Dr. Ariela LazarEvanston
Prof. Micah LeshemHaifa
Erez LevkovitzJerusalem
Prof. Rene LevyLausanne
Dr. Orly LubinTel Aviv
Dr. Ruchama MartonTel Aviv
Dr. Anat MatarTel Aviv
Prof. Paul Mendes-FlohrJerusalem
Rabbi Jeremy MilgromJerusalem
Menucha MoravitzRamat-Gan
Regev NathansohnTel Aviv
Prof. Avraham OzHaifa
Dr. Ilan PappeHaifa
Gabriel PiterbergUCLA
Shakhar RahavBerkeley
Dr. Amnon Raz-KrakotzkinBeer Sheva
Prof. Zvi RaziTel Aviv
Prof. Tanya ReinhartTel Aviv
Prof. Fanny-Michaela ReisinBerlin
Prof. Freddie RokemTel Aviv
Prof. Henry RosenfeldHaifa
Dr. Maya RosenfeldJerusalem
Ouzi RotemPhiladelphia, PA
Dr. Hannah SafranHaifa
Tami SarfattiUCLA, CA
Dr. Nita SchechetJerusalem
Hillel SchockenTel Aviv
Ruben SeroussiTel Aviv
Dr. Erella ShadmiBeit Berl
Prof. Nomi ShirBeer Sheva
Dr. Miriam ShlesingerTel Aviv
Aharon ShabtaiTel Aviv
Orly SokerSapir-Jerusalem
Nurit SteinfeldJerusalem
Roman VaterTel Aviv
Dr. Roy WagnerTel-Aviv
Dr. Michael YogevHaifa
Kim YuvalTel Aviv
Prof. Moshe ZimmermannJerusalem
Michal ZweigHerzelia