Israelis and Palestinians Must Stop Iran From Producing Nuclear Weapons

As Israel and Palestine brace for possible war, is it time for Americans to take a stand against the increasing rhetoric? From the Middle East to the West Bank, there seems to be a general call for a war. If this happens it will be disastrous for America.

Is there still time to prevent an act of war by either party?

There was a time when peace could be won with negotiating and even with violence. This has all changed. Who are the leaders now? Not the Israeli leadership, they do not even represent the interests of the Palestinian people. What is the United States of America and Israel to do in the Middle East?

The United States is fully committed to preventing war and solving the problems that are plaguing the region. We will continue to have a Middle East policy that balances diplomacy with force if necessary. We believe that our actions now should persuade both sides to take responsibility for their actions and focus on solving the conflicts. The answer may be peace, but it is not likely in the current environment.

Should the United States follow international law, which currently holds both Israel and Palestine accountable for their actions, and send a military force to solve this problem? Will Israel take care of this problem or will they go to war? The second option is better than war in the current environment.

The peace may be temporary

Who is to say what will happen the next time someone wants to resolve this conflict? Should we consider sending troops back into the Middle East or back to the United States and the rest of the world?

After Iran completed its nuclear program, the United States of America made it clear to them that their future was in their own hands. They have been warned. They do not need any more friends who want to spread instability into the region.

The United States of America has an obligation to our country and the rest of the world. How can we allow a nation that refuses to honor the peace treaty that it signed with the United States of America? Who is going to pay for this mistake?

If Iran gets a nuclear weapon, the United States of America is going to have to pay for it. Iran does not need to have this capability, and it certainly does not have to have it now. Why would we punish the wrong target? The United States of America must first make sure that Iran understands that the treaty does not cover them.

Even though these nations may be enemies, there are many of us in the United States who wish to solve problems through peaceful means and are willing to deal with the violent fringe in order to achieve peace. Will we intervene in Israel and Palestine’s conflict with Iran? How can we prevent that?

It would be wise to ask ourselves if we would rather have someone or something else to go to war over an issue that has nothing to do with our security?

What do we gain from this conflict? Should we get involved?

Israel and Palestine need to decide which side they are on and join forces to stop Iran. Iran cannot just sit idly by and watch the United States of America to try to solve this issue. We cannot allow this to go on much longer. The time for cooperation has come and gone.

In the present environment, the United States of America must show leadership and asks the Israeli and Palestinian leaders to work together. Does that mean war? It does not, but it means cooperating.