The struggle between two nation for territory and resources

Israel and Palestine

The real issue at the heart of the Israel-Palestine conflict is not so much the question of Jewish-Arab conflict. It is the struggle between two nations for territory and resources. The second part of the name refers to the Jews who were actually expelled from their homeland by force. It is perhaps the main reason that helps fuel the ongoing conflict.

As Jews became assimilated into society they lost a certain identity. They became a foreign people with a culture, language, and religion different from those of their hosts. Even today, in spite of many Jews remaining in Israel, Arabs consider them not to be part of their nation.

Today Israel and Palestine are one and the same. The Palestinians claim they are an independent state and an integral part of the Middle East. They want an Arab-Israeli peace treaty, in order to be recognized as an equal member of the Arab League. No such accord has been reached.

The two nations share the common bonds of history, culture, and religion

One of the most common bonds among all the Arabs is hatred of Israel and the Holocaust.

Many Jews fled to places like France, Germany and the United States during the war in Europe and as the death camps were closing in. In this effort they survived on what little food they could salvage. Many others did not survive in the concentration camps.

For many of the survivors of the return journey was to Egypt, where they became a new identity. The combination of a short-lived life in Europe and a long and cruel existence in the camps gave the Jews a distinctive Jewish culture. They adopted the dialect and language of the Egyptians, bringing along with them a great deal of culture and history.

There are no Jews left in the land of Israel, which was occupied by the Arabs following the Six Day War in 1967. Israel has never renounced her right to exist.

There are many Palestinian Arabs living in the Arab nations and also in Israel. Many of these are well educated and speak English. The Arabs live in Arab countries and for the most part in countries that are part of the Arab League.

With the death of Libya’s Gadhafi in February 2020, the Arabs began to move from their former nations into Israel. The Israelis were careful not to encourage this migration, although it became inevitable. Of course, Israel has a full-time army with the other Arab states to protect the immigrants.

Palentine’s Full-time army

The Palestinians may be the only nation that has a full-time army fighting to hold on to its home in the entire middle east. The Arab League has been recruiting young men and women from all over the world, including Israel, to fight in its ranks. There is not a doubt that the Palestinians have access to advanced weapons systems, including missiles, and they are now preparing for war.

The Israelis have turned a blind eye, but the Israelis are planning to bring in the Iron Dome system to protect their citizens against any future influx of illegal immigrants. Their greatest fear is the fact that the Palestinians will transfer their weapons to those who will be joining them. This can lead to a large explosion and casualties among Israelis, even though there are not many Palestinians on the streets.

As the middle east is where so many terrorists and militants originate, Israel may face another wave of terror attacks. Their fear of this is well-founded. They have the right to exist and the right to claim nationhood which they will lose.