Israel and Palestine are unlikely to find a solution anytime soon

In what has become an increasingly polarized situation, the Israel and Palestine are unlikely to find a solution anytime soon. The decision to move forward with the building of a new border fence is only going to serve to deepen the divide between the two countries, rather than allowing for real reconciliation. If a successful solution to the conflict is not achieved in the coming years, the peace process is in serious jeopardy.

While the current administration of President Obama has its own troubles, the pursuit of Israel and Palestine will certainly not be a priority. Much of the blame can be placed on President Obama, who has been remarkably reluctant to try and implement any type of resolution.

Even though President Obama has had his differences with President Obama, the United States has acted as a cheerleader in the past and does not appear to be willing to try and bring peace to the Middle East. A unified Middle East is desperately needed to bring peace to the region, and that can only be accomplished through diplomacy.

Instead of taking this chance, the current administration in Washington has opted to squabble with the Israelis and Palestinians in their own nation. This is the exact opposite of what should be happening. Rather than promoting the peace process, the United States government seems bent on sabotaging it at every turn.

Understanding the true nature of conflict

However, some hope does exist to bring about a positive outcome, especially if the citizens of America wake up and understand the true nature of the conflict. Americans need to understand that Israel is the occupying power in the region, and that there can never be a lasting peace until the Palestinian Authority relinquishes its claim to the lands in the Middle East.

The Palestinians must recognize that they are not entitled to land and that they will never have a nation of their own. In order to do this, they must re-unite with Jordan and declare the Golan Heights as their own territory. Unfortunately, this will mean that Israel will be forced to relinquish control of that territory as well.

The Palestinians are welcome to join Jordan, but must agree to share all of Jerusalem. To do this, the United States government must end its refusal to send peacekeepers to protect Israel from attacks from terrorists who believe in violence. As a matter of fact, the United States should be sending peacekeepers in the first place, yet refuses to do so.

Despite the obstacles, people need to understand that peace can and will come about regardless of the obstacles. Unfortunately, if people do not believe that there is a possibility of a resolution to the current problem, then they will continue to live in fear. This will lead to anger and hatred rather than peace.

Many people seem to think that red lines were drawn by the United States as a means of controlling the situation. No one can argue with the use of military force in order to deal with a terrorist threat, but the United States needs to understand that a nation like Iran is just as dangerous. In order to take down this country, there needs to be a different approach, which is completely opposite of what the United States government has been trying to do.

The world is watching

You would be hard pressed to find anyone who is ready to give up on Iran in this area, especially when they are confronted with international terrorists. It is time to do something different in order to put a stop to the violence and terrorism in the Middle East. America’s national security is at stake if this is not done.

In the meantime, there are a few hopeful signs that can come to fruition, such as in Hawaii. President Obama can work with members of both the Israeli and Palestinian governments to make a new beginning. To make this happen, it needs to start in Hawaii and go nationwide.

The world is watching what is happening in Israel and Palestine and that does not bode well for anyone. There needs to be a unified front in order to prevent more terrorist acts, and that can only happen if the United States pulls out of Israel and Palestine.