Israel and Palestine have always been in conflict, no matter how you want to describe the conflict. It seems that peace is not possible to find, however you cannot let facts and realities dictate your feelings and emotions.

The founders of the two countries never intended that the country would come to such a point where one people should become stronger than the other. However, history has proven that the people of Israel are more deserving of their power. No matter which side you are on, you must realize that the history of the world has made it impossible for peace to be achieved. Some might say that history will not repeat itself, but history does repeat itself.

There are political issues in both Israel and Palestine as well

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been causing problems for a long time now. The only difference is that Israel has been able to take advantage of the weak government of the Palestinian Authority to exercise their control over the neighboring country.

Although they are not willing to say it, the history of Israel and Palestine is basically a war of conquest with two groups that have not respected each other for a long time. In all probability, peace has not existed between these two countries since the days of the British Mandate period.

There are those who wish to use violence, especially the Arabs who are spread all over the world and cannot stand each other. The British used to occupy the Arab World in order to keep them out of the war. However, when the Arabs tried to invade Israel during the Six Day War, the Israelis were forced to fight back.

It is rare that we will be witness to such tragedies, but time’s history repeats itself is a possibility. The strong power of the United States can also take out the weaker power of the Palestinian Authority. If the United States cannot prevent them from doing so, it may take the advantage of such political issues as war.

United States will be the one to achieve peace between Israel and Palestine

The power of the United States is something that no president or prime minister can deny because of his success in the political arena and his popularity among the people. Because of the massive power that the United States holds, it is the right of the United States to be the force that prevents the continued creation of a power vacuum for the Palestinians. With this fact, we can expect that the United States will be the one to achieve peace between Israel and Palestine.

This does not mean that we are against the UN and the United Nations, nor do we believe that the international institutions do not deserve our trust. However, it is up to the two countries to work together and solve the problem peacefully.

President Barack Obama has already offered his support in order to maintain the status quo of the two countries in the region. If the United States does not step up and support the Palestinians and ask for them to remove their checkpoints and restrictions, Israel will be more likely to react in a violent manner. When that happens, things will be at the brink of war.

Making a diplomatic move

Instead of a new war between Israel and Palestine, President Obama’s idea will be to have an agreement with both sides in order to promote understanding among the two sides. Therefore, he can take care of the situation by making a diplomatic move.

In the past few years, a majority of the US congress has supported the establishment of a free trade zone between Israel and Palestine, but it will take Obama to make it a reality. The conditions that Israel and Palestine need to meet in order to make it a success will determine how long it will take to bring the two sides closer together. If the Palestinians will stop their blockade of the Gaza Strip, Israel will have no reason to be upset.

Peace will only be achieved if political factors are solved. Either the Palestinian Authority will sign the peace treaty, or the Israelis will have to end the occupation.