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iPhone featured notch will be removed soon and something new will be introduced

On the occasion of Mobile World Congress 2018, many companies have unveiled their mobile devices. In many devices, the specific notch was noticed. Many companies said the notch is the only way to increase the aspect ratio and make it up to 16:9.

The notch is the flagship of iPhone X and many companies including Samsung are adopting the notch feature. The notch was used in a device earlier but it was famous from the launch of iPhone X. Now; all the copycats are adopting the notch.

The notch is a feature for iPhone X, that holds the camera which is the baseline for the facial recognition or sensor for features such as Animoji. Also, the phone’s edge-to-edge LED screen is based on the notch. Apple has the patent for this notch feature, but due to copycats, the company will remove the thing from their upcoming devices.

However, Essential was the first who used the notch, but they are trying to kill the notch design. The notch existed only because it is the perfect place off camera. Essential is trying to put the camera in the underneath part of the screen; this is under testing but they claimed that it can be the perfect position of a camera in near future.

The notch or the place for the front camera is unavoidable. No matters in which way they design the screen, it will become like the existing design. The place of the camera can be placed on upper or lower section of the screen. This place for the camera lens will be integrated with the top layer which is hidden to notice by the naked eyes.

Many copycats have adopted the notch, hence the Apple claimed to remove notch. It is still unclear, how the company is going to replace the notch. However, they will find some solution as early as possible. Many Android users hate the notch, for getting rid of the feature, Android fans are praying for the Apple’s success to find the alternative for the notch.

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