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Instagram app is no longer available on the Apple Watch

Apple Watch is the smartwatch based on iOS. The watch has many features including water-resistant, supports the fitness tracking system, capabilities to monitor the heart rate, supports to emails, messages, and many social media apps. It will not be an exaggeration if it called ‘iPhone on the wrist’.

Instagram will not be available for the Apple Watch. It is confirmed that the 39.0 version updated for the iPhone client changelog simply stating and the general fix for the bugs and improve performance is removed from the Apple Watch.

Earlier, the company enforced a restriction to develop an app on the basis of watchOS 2 SDK. While Instagram is based on WatchKit 1.0. Those apps and companies which are agreed to the new restriction are developing apps on basis of watchOS 2 SDK. As a justification, Apple said that apps based on other software are not able to run natively on watch. The Watch does not support the video streaming and LTE connection.

Instagram was the first company that offered support for the Apple Watch when it was launched. It is available since 2015. The app was designed for the watch as it will be easy for the user to check the notifications and likes from the watch on the wrist. Now, the app will be on the Watch, but the user will receive notifications from the phone device.

Withdrawing support to the Apple Watch, Instagram has joined the league with many tech giants like Google Maps, Twitter, eBay, Slack, Whole Foods, and Amazon. Also, ecobee, the smart thermostat makers pilled out their support from the Apple Watch. They reported the same issue of developing the app on the new software as the Instagram. Many users want the good support in terms of notifications and functionality. Uninstalling apps can improve the usability of the app. As Instagram considered to add and recreate the scrolling feed, elimination of app was confirmed as it does not support the standalone app platform.

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