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Honda Accord compared to Toyota Camry is an excellent car, but no sale

The Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry both cars were similar to some extent, in the past. The Honda car looked bit sportier, whereas the Toyota bit more comfortable, both were comparatively great cars. The latest comparison test done on both the cars showed that they are no longer in the state of comparing. Try driving both the car, you’ll find that Accord is much better than Camry. Considering the Midsize sedan segment, one will definitely think of the major success towards Honda sales. But, this perception might turn out wrong as well.

Honda dealers are finding it difficult to sell the Accord car, despite having much craze towards the new Accord, as per the Automotive News reports. Until March 1, dealers experienced more than the expected number of sale, than the normal supplying number 104-day of Accords. Around 55,503 Camrys were being sold marking an increase of 16.1-percent till February for the year, while Honda Accords only 37,430 sold, at a decreasing percent of 12.9. Overall, the more shocking thing is same year Nissan Altimas sold 39,888, leaving Honda Accord on the third level.

As per the dealers Automotive News, due to lack of lease deals the Honda Accord market has been slowed down. Honda never offered lease special on its Accord but Toyota offered on the Camry, this move forced the dealers of Accord to take step towards lease for its new Accord. The last-generation Accords were low-cost base; this means it will cost more to lease the new Accord compared to 2015 situation.

Automotive News reports found that the cost of lease for 36-month on base Honda Accord the monthly cost was up to $ 249 with $ 3,199 down. Whereas, the cost for Camry on the lease was $219 monthly with $1,999 down, respectively.

Further, Honda says, it has felt delightful in its segment for the top transaction prices that are being provided to all-new 2018 Honda Accord as well as the growing market share. The statement remains unclear with regards to the new Honda Accord, regarding its plan but if you consider the sales slide remains constant than definitely, Honda has to start with incentives that will be the only way they can offer.

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