The current conflict in the Middle East is at least a century old

The issue of Israel and Palestine has been playing out since the creation of the Jewish state of Israel in 1948.

In any conflict, there are always two sides to a fight and the greatest threat to peace is usually a country that is trying to dominate another. This can be exemplified by any number of conflicts around the world. In Israel and Palestine the most modern nation, of the western hemisphere, have used the best weapons and tactics to maintain control. The ultimate solution to any problem, no matter how violent or complex, would be peace and not war.

When people are ready to sacrifice their lives for the reason that they believe in a right to be a self-loving ruler over their fellow men, it doesn’t take much to convince them that they will view others with suspicion and hostility. If they have the will power to commit war crimes against those whom they don’t like, they would find themselves in a position to achieve their goals.

No one wants to live in a region where there is continual conflict

As a matter of fact, the whole region seems to be in turmoil. There is also a lack of peace among the world’s great powers and this does not bode well for the entire world.

The second major war to break out in the entire region was in 1973. This time the conflict went much further and resulted in many deaths. The war was fought to a draw but both sides have been equally divided for years.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine is based on religion. Israel was founded by the people of the Bible and has lived for thousands of years as a nation separate from the surrounding area of land. Palestinians call themselves an ethnic group and have existed as such since before the beginning of the state of Israel.

Throughout history, both nations have been completely supportive of the United States of America

Both sides have worked hand in hand with the American military and the government. The actions of both nations have brought us closer together as a nation.

After decades of working side by side with the state of Israel has decided to annex the entire land into its nation and that seems to be their sole interest. The people of the land are upset about this, so a war is in progress.

The United States has suffered through many wars and each side seems to have an interest in attacking the other. It is vital that we stay out of this conflict. Each side has lost plenty of battle and all the fighting will do is cause more death and destruction.

It may seem that the conflict between Israel and Palestine is so serious it could possibly lead to World War III. Fortunately, it appears that the world leaders are making every effort to prevent this from happening. They are arming both sides and will work hard to protect the world from any further bloodshed.

There are a few things that the world must do to help insure that the conflict will not lead to World War III. The first thing is to bring peace to both sides of the conflict. The second is to stop the violence before it starts.

One can only hope that the entire war will come to an end soon. As we have seen in Iraq and Afghanistan, the military industrial complex uses its massive weapon arsenal to put fire under its feet and incite and convince people to fight. Perhaps if people understood the true purpose of the war, it would become easier to work to bring peace to our world.