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Google dismissed around 3.2 billion advertisements and blocked many publishers, sites, and mobile apps

Google has lots of answers to all the problems and misleading or false information along with annoying and wicked advertisements that are present on many sites. Google has blocked these sites and blacklisted them. It looks like, the company is on the mission to block these advertisements.

The tech giant has recently published report on the blocked advertisements. It has added 28 new policies on the advertise and 20 different policies for publishers to get a better grip on the contaminated advertisements.

Last year, Google removed more than 3.2 billion advertisements those have dishonored rules and have offensive content. Henceforth, in 2016, it removed 1.7 billion advertisements. Earlier, more than three times the company has blocked more than 100,000 sites, around 90,000 websites and 700,000 mobile apps that have dishonored rules.

Additionally, Google has removed 103 million contaminated ads with malware. 79 million ads and 400,000 sites were blocked they were contaminated with malware. Google has analyzed and checked around 66 million “trick to click” advertisements and 48 million advertisements that force the user to download software.

In November 2017, the company elaborated and specified the category “misrepresentative content” and searched around 11,000 websites to avoid violation of rules. They blocked 650 sites and 90 publishers. Before that, they have checked 1,200 sites and blocked 340 and dismissed 200 publishers.

The released figures said that the company has geared up their activities to fight against the kinky advertisements. The company has examined sites, their content, pages, sites, advertisements, and apps. By removing these ads, they are reducing their revenue but they are offering a better experience for the users. A better experience is driving users to use Google and their browser Chrome is the reason behind their business to experience growth.

Due to these moves of the company, the number of these ads is decreasing significantly.

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