Understanding Israel and Palestine

Despite the massive media coverage that Israel and Palestine have been receiving in recent weeks, most Americans do not know much about either one of these countries. This is unfortunate, because both Israel and Palestine are very important nations. Moreover, the relations between them are quite complex and full of symbolism. This is why it […]

Historical Dilemmas Between Israel and Palestine

The historical divide between Israel and Palestine is a serious obstacle to peace in the Middle East In this context, there are two factors to be considered: issues of territorial integrity and refugees. When talking about the former, the most important thing to note is that the issue of territorial integrity has a specific historical […]

Israelis and Palestinians Must Stop Iran From Producing Nuclear Weapons

As Israel and Palestine brace for possible war, is it time for Americans to take a stand against the increasing rhetoric? From the Middle East to the West Bank, there seems to be a general call for a war. If this happens it will be disastrous for America. Is there still time to prevent an […]

Israel and Palestine – Another Fiasco For US Media

Israel and Palestine are unlikely to find a solution anytime soon In what has become an increasingly polarized situation, the Israel and Palestine are unlikely to find a solution anytime soon. The decision to move forward with the building of a new border fence is only going to serve to deepen the divide between the […]

Israel and Palestine – A Peace Treaty Must Be Considered

Israel and Palestine have always been in conflict, no matter how you want to describe the conflict. It seems that peace is not possible to find, however you cannot let facts and realities dictate your feelings and emotions. The founders of the two countries never intended that the country would come to such a point […]

Israel and Palestine – Don’t Talk to Each Other

There is peace in this world and there is war The main thing you need to know about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is that there are two sides, or two ends of a spectrum. Have you heard about the peace process? Well, it’s supposed to happen, because of President Clinton. It isn’t going to happen, because […]

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