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Apple announces iOS 11.3 with disgusting surprise

Apple has announced the release of its new and hot device iOS 11.3, last week. This was being upgraded in the guide before, this one is a big surprise. However, with it big approach it has also some big issues along with horrible surprises. There are few uncertainties related to this device have to be taken into consideration before upgrading.

The main issue starts up with battery issue, meaning the life of the battery still remains the same. The new iOS 11.3 has been transparent in terms of battery usage, it can show battery condition for iPhone as well iPad and suggests whether servicing is required for battery, and is entirely under the controlled of users. Despite the quality, Apple, unfortunately, missed out to improve the life of the battery itself.

Further, several problems related to Apple Music, this service wherein iOS 11.3 was actually supposed to be upgraded, yet facing the problem. Well, the stability of the new additions has been affected by many users still iOS 11.3 has remained persistent on its Apple Musics. To be more specific in iOS 11.3 the list of albums to be played alphabetically has been removed. Users have to scroll down in search of that particular album at @AppleSupport” source, which is quite annoying.

Another problem that has been spotted in the Bluetooth connection, which was previously in iOS 9. The Bluetooth connection refuses to connect with the devices that have already been paired before, especially in the car, every time asking for pairing with new devices. Moreover, Apple has withdrawn “Messages on iCloud” from iOS 11.3, that could save storage space by requesting to delete iMessage conversations from the device, provided this messages could be accessible anytime from live iCloud synchronization. Perhaps, Apple has removed this concept, they had promised of getting back this process in its new iOS 11, 10years back, and later in iOS 11.3. But suddenly, it has decided to omit this setup, with no explanation leaving behind.

Apple iOS 11.3 have added up few more issues such as performance drop-offs as well false notifications, especially in messaging apps. Along with some strange changes like invisible keyboard issue and Siri activation, it automatically inactivates ad-blockers, that was quite a strange movement from Apple. In addition, there is a weird Siri calculator bug has been creating a mess, and removes the battery icon glitch indicator which has been reported last month.

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