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Israelis & Palestinians

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"For walls, checkpoints and oppression offer no security; only bridges that are based upon the foundations of our common humanity can bring us the security that we so desire."
—Mary Schweitzer, Israeli peace activist, from a speech given in front of Sharon's house, October 23, 2003. See the Peace Now web site to read the full speech.

In this section you will find a wealth of information about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  In addition, we provide many pointers to other sources of information.

NIMN comprises members with many points of view on many important issues.  We recognize the broad range of opinion on many aspects of this complex conflict.  We do not attempt to present a single narrative or viewpoint because it is simply not honest to do so.  Rather, we hope to provide a set of historically accurate and scholarly perspectives, as well as pointers and links to a variety of useful resources where you can find more information.

As such, this is our attempt to contribute to a broader understanding of the conflict.  It is not our goal to present every point of view because, quite frankly, many points of view are absolutely contrary to our goal of reaching a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians.