Declaration of the European Jews for a Just Peace
September 2002


We, representatives of fifteen Jewish peace organisations from eight European countries, gathered together at the conference "Don't say you didn't know" in Amsterdam on the 19 and 20th of September 2002, call upon:

  1. the Israeli government to change its current policy and implement the the proposals in the following declaration and

  2. all other governments, the United Nations and the European Union to put pressure on the Israeli government to implement the proposals in the following declaration:

We believe that the only way out of the current impasse is through an agreement based on the creation of an independent and viable Palestinian state and the guarantee of a safe and secure IsraŽl and Palestine. This requires:

  1. an immediate end of the occupation of the occupied territories: West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem with recognition of the 4th June 1967 borders

  2. complete withdrawal of all Jewish settlements in all the occupied territories;

  3. the recognition of the right of both states to have Jerusalem as their capital;

  4. the recognition by IsraŽl of its part in the creation of the Palestinian refugee problem. IsraŽl should recognise in principle the Palestinian right to return as a human right. The practical solution to the problem will come about by agreement between parties based on a just, fair and practical considerations. It will include compensation, the return to the territory of the State of Palestine or of IsraŽl, without endangering IsraŽl's existence. We call upon the international community, especially Europe, for political and financial support.

Additional Statement

  1. We agreed to adopt the name 'European Jews for a Just Peace'.

  2. We agreed to support and draw courage from all the Israeli peace and human rights groups, including the Refuseniks who oppose current Israeli policies towards the Palestinians

  3. We deplore the authoritarian and violent abuse by some Jews of the rights to free speech of those expressing criticism of Israeli policies

  4. We call on all Jewish organisations to ensure free speech, thereby promoting a constructive discussion on how to achieve a just peace in the Middle East.

European Jews for a Just Peace:

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