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Non-Violent Resistance in Occupied Palestine

Mohammad Khatib and Firyal Abu Haikal

Tour organized by the International Solidarity Movement - Chicago chapter

Mohammed Khatib
Mohammed Khatib is a leading member of Bil'in's Popular Committee Against the Wall and the Secretary of Bil'in's Village Council. Mohammed has been a principle organizer of Bil'in's year and a half long, creative, nonviolent struggle to prevent the construction of Israel's Wall on Bil'in's land and to block the expansion of neighboring illegal Israeli settlements. Mr. Khatib has frequently been arrested and wounded by the Israeli military for participating in nonviolent protests.

Mohammed is quoted frequently in the Palestinian, Israeli and international media. His writing has been published in The International Herald Tribune and The Seattle Post Intelligencer. He has spoken in Europe on the Palestinian popular, non-violent struggle against Israeli occupation.

Firyal Abu Haikal
Firyal Abu Haikal recently retired after 11 years as the headmistress at the Kortuba School in the heart of Hebron's old city. The Kortuba school serves 100 Palestinian children in grades 1- 10. Hebron's old city is a center for some of the most extreme Israeli settlers, who regularly use violence against Palestinian residents in an effort to drive them from their homes and community. By continuing to function despite continual attacks by Israeli settlers and soldiers on students and staff, the school has serves as a model of nonviolent resistance to Israeli occupation.

A lifelong resident of Tel Rumeida, and a mother of eleven children, Firyal and her family have remained in their home despite efforts by settlers to take over their land and home. Armed settlers and soldiers frequently enter the fenced land surrounding her family's home. Firyal and all members of her family have been attacked and harassed by settlers, and her husband and sons arrested by the Israel military, simply for insisting on remaining in their homes.

For further details on this event contact ISM-Chicago at 773-489-3505 or NIMN/JVP-Chicago at 312-409-4845.


Date Wed, Feb 21, 2021
Time 7:00 PM — 9:00 PM
Location Evanston Public Library
1703 Orrington (at Church)
2 blocks east of Davis St. El Stop - Purple Line
Sponsored by Not In My Name/Jewish Voice for Peace-Chicago
Other local co-sponsors include CPT-Chicago, Stop CAT Coalition, 8th Day Center for Justice, Logant Square Neighbors for Justice and Peace, Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism, Neighbors for Peace (Evanston), Voices for Creative Nonviolence