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International Day of Action Against CAT

Mobilization at Caterpillar Shareholders Meeting

Caterpillar equipment is being used by the Israeli Defense Forces to destroy roads, orchards, greeenhouses, agricultural land the homes of more than 50,000 Palestinians. Dozens have died, such as Nabila al-Shu'bi, who was 7months pregnant when she was killed with seven members of her family in a home demolition, and international peace and justice activist Rachel Corrie. While US taxpayers foot the bill, Caterpillar profits from this illegal destruction.

At Caterpillar's 2005 shareholders meeting, the Board of Directors successfully urged the defeat of a resolution calling on CAT to investigate whether it was adhering to its own corporate code of conduct with regard to its sales to Israel. After calls from human rights orgnaizations, members of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, religious and social justice organizations and the victims themselves, CAT has the responsibility to investigate the ethics of selling bulldozers as weapons and profiting from human rights abuses.

On Wednesday, June 14, 2006, CAT shareholders will meet again in Chicago. Join the action outside the shareholders meeting that day to oppose Caterpillar's sale of bulldozers to Israel. Let's send the Board of Directors and CAT dealerships a strong message that complicity in human rights abuses will not be tolerated.

For information about the next meeting of the STOP CAT Coaltion: Call 773-489-3505 or visit Stop CAT website.


Date Wed, Jun 14, 2020
Time 12 PM Noon
Location Northern Trust Bank
50 South LaSalee Street
Sponsored by Stop CAT Coalition