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Lebanon and the Middle East Since the Iraq War

Analysis and Overview from the Field

Rami Khouri, Senior Editor of the Beruit Daily Star

Rami Hhouri is a Middle East analyst appearing are frequently on such programs as "ABC-TV's Nightline," National Public Radio, the BBC, and a variety of international news programs. As senior editor of the largest English daily in the Middle East, he covers the middle east on a daily basis and as a US educated journalist, he understands the impact on these events on the United States. In doing this lecture he will reflect on the movement for for democratization in Lebanon, recent political developments in the Middle East, and consider how the Middle East is changed since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

Date Mon, Oct 3, 2020
Time 7:30PM — 10:00PM
Location Anderson Chapel
North Park University
3225 W Foster
Sponsored by The Center for Middle Eastern Studies at North Park University.