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Michael Tarazi: The Way Forward - Prospects for a Just Settlement

Don't miss this rare opportunity to hear Michael Tarazi in Chicago! Tarazi has gained peerless insight and expertise into emerging developments in Israel-Palestine through his role on the ground as legal advisor to the Palestinian Authority. He is known throughout the world for his keen intellect, penetrating analysis, and articulate presentation.

While the media has focused on the pain of the settlers leaving Gaza, there has been little mainstream attention given to the dramatic changes in Jerusalem and the West Bank as Israel moves quickly to establish more "facts on the ground" through the seizure of Palestinian land, the expansion of settlements, and the construction of the Wall on Palestinian land. Tarazi will deliver an up-to-the-minute report on how Palestinians are affected by Israeli policies, and how US policy is a critical factor in the worsening crisis.

Michael Tarazi, a Palestinian-American lawyer, is a legal advisor to the Palestinian Authority Ministry of State for Jerusalem Affairs. He provides legal advice on a wide array of issues facing Jerusalem, including Israeli settlements and refugees. He regularly makes appearances in the international media, including on CNN, NBC, ABC and the BBC. Mr. Tarazi was raised in Colorado, attended Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, and earned degrees at Harvard College and Harvard Law School. Prior to taking his current position, he was a legal advisor to the PLO Negotiations Affairs Department. Formerly, Mr. Tarazi practiced securities law in New York, Helsinki, Istanbul, Paris and Budapest. He is a member of the New York State Bar.

For information about the 2005-06 community and dialogue series "Building a Just Peace: Important Perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict," For information on Oak Park appearances, visit . The series will bring distinguished, thought-provoking analysts, academics, and activists to Oak Park and Chicago for up-to-the-minute perspectives on the conflict and prospects for a just resolution. This year's series includes Yigal Bronner, Michael Tarazi, Joel Beinin, Lisa Hajjar, Kathleen and Bill Christison, and Nadia Hijab, as well as a photography exhibition and a documentary film screening.

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Date Wed, Oct 5, 2020
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