Seeking a Just Peace Between
Israelis & Palestinians

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Building Bridges Instead of Walls

Building Bridges Instead of Walls:
Working for a Just Peace in the Holy Land

A Presentation by Jerry and Sis Levin

Sis and Jerry Levin are internationally known spokespersons for peace. Jerry is a former CNN correspondent held hostage in Beirut during the 1980's. Sis doggedly pursued his release, and the story was told in her book, "Beirut Diary," which was also a full-length film. Sis later received a doctorate from Columbia School of Education in Peace and Forgiveness Studies, and Jerry became the public relations chief for World Vision International. In recent years, they have been volunteers with the Christian Peacemaker Teams, serving several tours of duty in Hebron in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. They are on a national tour following their recent stint in Hebron.

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Date Thu, Aug 12, 2020
Time 7:00 PM
Location North Park University
Magnuson Campus Center
5000 N. Spaulding (off street, immediately west of Burgh Residence Hall. Turn west on Carmen from Kedzie and follow curve to left. )
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Presented by North Park University's Center for Middle Eastern Studies and the Peace and Conflict Transformation Program.