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Not In My Name expresses deep concern for members of the Christian Peacemaker Teams abducted in Iraq

Christian Peacemaker Teams have worked in Iraq for the rights of Iraqi prisoners who have been illegally detained and abused by the U.S. government.  CPT was among the first organizations to denounce the torture of Iraqi people by U.S. occupation forces.  CPT members are among the only internationals still present who can provide a glimpse into the truth about the effects and abuses of the U.S. occupation and military campaigns.

In Palestine, CPT members have been working to mitigate the effects of the Israeli Occupation by peaceful and non-violent actions, such as accompanying children to school to protect them from attacks by Israeli settlers.  The CPT presence in Hebron and other Palestinian towns and villages provides a critically-needed intervention to some of the most blatant violence perpetrated against innocent people who are merely trying to farm their fields, open their shops, or go to school.

“The men and women who work as part of CPT are among the gentlest, bravest people I have ever met,” says NIMN spokesperson Lynn Pollack, who spent a day with members of the organization in Hebron, in the West Bank.  “I walked with them as they calmly accompanied a frightened Palestinian woman to her home under a barrage of stones from Israeli settlers.”

NIMN is a predominantly Jewish organization that works for a just peace between Israelis and Palestinians based on respect and observance of international law. For information about NIMN, or about our weekly “End the Occupation” vigil in downtown Chicago, go to

[December 4, 2020]