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Not In My Name Supports Selective Divestment as a Tool to Oppose the Israeli Occupation

Not In My Name is a predominantly Jewish group that was established in 2000 to organize opposition to Israelís illegal and unjust occupation of the Palestinian territories it seized in 1967.  We continue to add our voices to the growing anti-Occupation movement and make it clear that Israel neither speaks nor acts in the name of all Jews.

We believe that the Israelis and Palestinians deserve a chance to live together in peace and we support self-determination for both peoples.  We oppose the obstacles that prevent the creation of a just and lasting peace, and believe that the Occupation and the U.S. support for it are primary obstacles.  We also oppose such things as the illegal Jewish-only settlements and bypass roads in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, home demolitions, all forms of collective punishments, and extrajudicial assassinations.  We also oppose the Wall that imprisons entire Palestinian villages and separates Palestinians from their farmlands, schools, religious and economic centers, and their water.

As Americans, our opposition is focused on the role of the U.S. government in supporting Israeli policies.  This support includes massive amounts of military aid as well as diplomatic support, such as using its veto to block UN Security Council Resolutions that condemn actions of the Israeli government.

We believe that only organized actions by large numbers of informed people can change the policies of the U.S. government.  Therefore, among our many activities, we have supported the progressive position of the Presbyterian Church, which is investigating whether it should divest some of its funds from corporations whose activities in Israel are an obstacle to peace.

We do not believe that such divestment plans are, by their very nature, either anti-Semitic or anti-Israeli.  On the contrary, the Occupation is destroying Israeli society by increasing poverty, violence, and insecurity.  Therefore actions that oppose the Occupation are, in fact, pro-Israeli.  Furthermore, we believe that such actions are in keeping with our vision of a Judaism that is based on the principle of justice.

Well designed divestment campaigns can help focus public discourse on the Occupation.  They can also have a positive material impact, as has been shown by such projects as the grape boycott to support the United Farm Workers and the opposition to South African apartheid.

Therefore, NIMN supports selective divestment and/or selective boycott campaigns that target corporations that profit from the Occupation.  A prime example is the Caterpillar Corporation, which manufactures the D-9 bulldozers that are used to destroy Palestinian homes, farms, and orchards.

We underscore our belief that the Occupation is not only destroying Palestinian society, but Israeli society, as well.  Selective divestment from companies that profit from this destruction is not only appropriate, it is both pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli.

Therefore, NIMN urges its members and supporters to investigate and actively support selective divestment and boycott campaigns that target corporations that profit from the Occupation.

[January 16, 2021]