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Not In My Name Mourns the Loss of Life in New York and other US sites

Not In My Name, a Chicago-based peace organization condemns in the strongest possible terms the horrific acts of violence against civilians that occurred today.  As Jews seeking a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians, Not in My Name issues this press release on this tragic day.

With heavy hearts, our first thoughts go out to the grieving families of those who were killed.  Many thousands of women and men who were passengers on, or who worked on, the planes and in the targeted buildings were murdered.  May they be forever remembered.

Many hundreds and thousands of people will work tirelessly to help to comfort and restore the injured.  May our gratitude be boundless.

Our sympathies also go to the families of the courageous women and men who gave their lives rushing to assist the victims of this atrocity.  May they be an example for all of us.

This is not simply a catastrophe.  This is an immoral act of indescribable proportions.  Not a single political goal can justify it.  Not a single political advantage can be gained from it.  Not a single political movement can be advanced by it.  It is, quite simply, a crime against humanity.

We strongly caution against jumping to conclusions.  We note that after the Oklahoma City bombing, some people were very quick to blame Arab sources, when, in fact, the criminal was home-grown.  We note that attacks on Arab communities at that time were criminal and racist.

Therefore, we call for mourning and not misguided retribution.  The former is natural and positive.  The latter is natural and negative.

We call for all communities and all faiths to share their shock, sorrow, and grief as a community of human beings.  We hope that the peacemakers will prevail.

[September 11, 2020]