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Chicago Jews Condemn The Cycle of Violence

Not In My Name, a gathering of Chicago Jews critical of Israeli policies toward Palestinians, condemns the cycle of violence in the Middle East that continues to claim the lives of civilians.  Today's tragic bombing in Jerusalem is just another episode in an ongoing cycle that has escalated to the level of insanity.  Together with people around the world, we grieve for the loss of these innocent lives.

These occasional, dramatic, brutal crimes-which also include Israeli state-sponsored terrorism, such as the use of tank shells filled with nails fired into neighborhoods, and assassinations without trial of Palestinians-serve to hide the violence that the Israeli Occupation serves upon the Palestinian people daily.  Homes are demolished, wells are destroyed, water is stolen, olive trees are uprooted, Jewish settlers confiscate land, and people are locked in their villages, unable to get to work. 

These are not the dramatic crimes that receive media attention.  But this is the reality, and the daily violence, of the Occupation.

In response to today's heinous bombing, Israel has a choice:

"Israel has a choice, each time, to continue the cycle of violence, or to think critically about whether the path that they are on will ever lead to peace," said Cindy Levitt, coordinator of Not In My Name.

Not In My Name, will hold our weekly vigil at 435 N. Michigan Ave. at 12 Noon on Friday, August 10, to protest Israel's continuing Occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem.

[August 9, 2020]