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Not In My Name
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Break Israel's Bonds of Occupation

Not In My Name, a Chicago-area Jewish organization, is here today to say that we must break Israel's bonds of occupation.  At a time when Israel is increasing the violence of it's 34 year old occupation of the west bank, Gaza strip and East Jerusalem; at a time when more and more innocent Palestinians and Israeli's are dying each week; at a time when people are gathered inside this hotel to dance and celebrate; we say it is time to declare ENOUGH.

For the last 34 years, since 1967, Israel has occupied the West Bank, Gaza Strip and taking a terrible toll.  In just the last six months,

  • Israeli troops and settlers have killed hundreds Palestinians, including close to 100 children under the age of eighteen.

  • 111 Israelis have died, most of them within the occupied territories.

  • Over 23,000 Palestinians, 40% of them children, have been injured by Israeli violence.  Over 12% of the Palestinian populated is now disabled, with devastating impact on Palestinian society.

Proceeds from Israel Bonds go directly into the State of Israel Treasury, earmarked for infrastructure development.  This development includes expansion of the illegal settlements, construction of roads that connect those settlements and extraction of natural resources, most importantly water, from the West Bank.

We call on our fellow Jews, especially those attending the Ambassador Ball this evening, to instead use their money to support the work of Israeli groups like B'Tselem, Rabbis for Human Rights, Women in Black and Bat Shalom, organizations working day by day for a just and lasting peace.

As American Jews, we are deeply committed to a peaceful and just resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, a resolution that will provide safety, security and freedom for Jews, Palestinians, and all others living in this region.  We believe that such a peace can only be achieved when Israel ends the occupation, withdraws from its settlements in the Palestinian territories and addresses the legitimate national and human rights of the Palestinian people.

Today we will show that people or all faiths, including Christian, Muslim, and Jewish cannot tolerate the Bonds of Israel's occupation and we will form our own bonds, standing together side by side until we achieve peace with justice.

About Not In My Name

Not In My Name, a gathering of American Jews seeking a just peace to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.  We are part of Jewish Unity for a Just Peace, an international network of Jewish organizations calling for an end to the Israeli occupation.

[June 13, 2020]