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Not In My Name Welcomes the Presbyterian Church's Stance on Israel and Palestine

Not In My Name (NIMN) is a predominately Jewish organization based in Chicago which seeks a just peace between Israelis and Palestinians.  NIMN applauds initiatives taken by the Presbyterian Church (USA) at its General Assembly in July.  The church voted to oppose the wall Israel is building in the Palestinian West Bank and to consider a process of phased and selective divestment from companies whose practices cause harm to Palestinians or Israelis. (See endnotes.)

While Not In My Name has not taken a position on divestment, we appreciate the serious and deliberative approach PC (USA) has taken, seeking to end injustice.  NIMN welcomes these bold and important positions by a mainstream religious institution in the United States.  We have consistently advocated an end to Israel's illegal occupation and settlements, a suspension of U.S. military aid to Israel until the occupation ends, and freedom from violence for all people of the area.  We call for the removal of the illegal wall Israel is erecting inside the West Bank.

With both major U.S. political parties adopting a position on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict that is entirely one-sided and pro-Israel's Prime Minister Sharon, this action by the Presbyterian Church (USA) helps place the political and humanitarian issues in focus.  It highlights the depth of the problem and the concerns and responsibilities of all citizens for a just resolution.

We recognize that people of good will can differ as to tactics in trying to end Israel's illegal and immoral occupation.  But we reject the idea that the PC (USA) decisions to explore selective divestment and to condemn the Wall are anti- Semitic, as this implies these actions have been chosen to harm the Jewish people.

As has been made clear from statements issued by PC (USA), their actions are rooted in a long-standing commitment to the idea that the security of Israel and the Israeli people is inexorably dependent on making peace with their Palestinian neighbors, by negotiating and reaching a just and equitable resolution to the conflict.  NIMN commends the principled decision of the PC (USA) to try to move this conflict out of its current dangerous impasse. 

Every Sunday from noon to 1pm NIMN holds an informational vigil in Chicago at Water Tower Park, 830 N. Michigan Avenue.  All are welcome to join us.



[August 25, 2020]