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Not In My Name Condemns Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

Not In My Name (NIMN) is a predominantly Jewish peace group based in Chicago.  We are horrified at the carnage caused this last week in Gaza by the Israeli Defense Force.  At our weekly vigil, which is held every Sunday from Noon to 1:00pm at the Water Tower Park (830 N Michigan), we will raise our voices in opposition to the Israeli war crimes in Gaza. 

NIMN initiated an emergency demonstration along Lake Shore Drive (at Monroe) during the evening rush hour on Wednesday, May 19.  Attended by some 20 members and supporters, our signs and banners were seen by tens of thousands of commuters, many of whom indicated their support as they passed.

We have witnessed a clear and consistent policy by the Israeli government to prevent the development of any process that could lead to peaceful co-existence of Israelis and Palestinians.  At every turn, Israel's leaders have blocked both international and local initiatives, from the Roadmap to unilateral Palestinian cease-fires. 

"Israel's leaders are able to obstruct peace—and ensure that hostilities continue—only because U.S. military and diplomatic assistance make this possible," explained NIMN spokesperson Joel Finkel.  "Without the open spigot of U.S. military aid, which approaches $3 billion each year, Israel would have had to pursue a real peace long ago," he continued.  "This aid allows Israel's leaders to ignore the wishes of their own people, who overwhelmingly support an abandonment of Settlements and an end to the Occupation."

Israel's latest action in Gaza left thousands homeless and entire communities without water and electricity.  Scores of Palestinians were murdered, including children who were engaged in peaceful, non-violent demonstrations and simply hanging out laundry.  While ostensibly aimed at preventing the Palestinians from smuggling arms through tunnels dug from Egypt, no weapons or tunnels were discovered.  Israel has turned Gaza into a huge, outdoor Palestinian prison and within it created a Jewish colony for 7,000 Settlers on about 35% of the land.

"We see how Sharon has responded to the demands of his hawkish Likud Party," said Finkel.  "A week after 150,000 Israelis march for peace, Sharon reacts by intensifying his violence.  His message is clearly that no amount of pressure from the Israeli public will force him to abandon his war on the Palestinian people."

Therefore, NIMN reiterates our demand that the U.S. government immediately suspend all military aid to Israel until the Occupation ends.  We believe that Israelis and Palestinians deserve a chance to live in peace.  This military aid allows the current Israeli government to pursue constant war and ensures that peace will never come.

We invite all people of good will to join our Vigil this Sunday from Noon to 1:00pm at the Water Tower Park (830 N Michigan) to oppose the Occupation and to call for an immediate suspension of U.S. military aid to Israel.

[May 21, 2020]