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Not In My Name Begins its Fourth Year of Weekly Vigils to Oppose the Israeli Occupation

Not In My Name (NIMN) is a predominantly Jewish organization formed in November 2000 to oppose the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem.  On Friday March 23, 2001, we started to hold weekly vigils to present our views before the public.  We initiated this action to coincide with the vigils held in Israel by Women in Black.

“Fridays at noon did not provide our members the ability to participate,” explained NIMN spokesperson Joel Finkel.  “The second year we moved from the Tribune Plaza to the Water Tower Park, and shifted from Fridays to Sundays.  This allowed our members to become more involved.  It also allowed us to engage a much larger and varied public.”

In the past three years, NIMN has been present every week, save for three: two weeks had no vigil due to our annual Convention, and one week had none because of a tragic accident that closed down Michigan avenue.  We have distributed tens of thousands of leaflets, and our banners and signs have been seen by hundreds of thousands.

We have been joined by people of good will from other organizations and from around the world.  We have held special vigils from time to time, such as the 8-hour vigil, which included a one-hour “die-in,” to express our outrage over the Israeli bombing of an apartment building in Gaza on July 22, 2002, which killed 14 sleeping women and children.

As we enter our fourth year, we continue to be dedicated to voicing our opposition to the Israeli Occupation and to the U.S. military aid that makes it possible.  “We are motivated by our love of peace and justice,” Finkel said.  “Both Israelis and Palestinians deserve to live in peace.  The Occupation simply makes this impossible.  This is the primary reason we are driven to continue our work.  “

The NIMN vigils are held from Noon to 1:00pm at the Water Tower Park, 830 N Michigan Avenue.

[March 19, 2021]