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Not In My Name Remembers Rachel Corrie with Special Vigil

Not In My Name, a predominantly Jewish group that is critical of Israeli policies toward Palestinians, will hold a special vigil this Sunday, March 14, 2004, between Noon and 1:00pm at Water Tower Park (830 N.  Michigan Avenue), in downtown Chicago.  We will dedicate this vigil to the memory of Rachel Corrie, who was killed one year ago in the Rafah refugee camp while protecting the home of the Palestinian family with whom she had been staying.

Forty days after her death, her family wrote an open letter to the people of Gaza.  They closed with these words: “We want you to know that each day here in the United States we are doing all that we can to make Americans aware of your suffering.  We will continue to work here for a just and peaceful resolution to this conflict that has caused so much loss for each of you and now for us, as well.  We know that Rachel will forever be linked to the Palestinian people.  She brought your story to us so that now, you will always be in our hearts.”

“NIMN believes that the future of the two peoples is inexorably linked,” said spokesperson, Joel Finkel.  “Israel must pursue a different set of policies, which will actively improve the lives of the Palestinians rather than actively impoverishing them and spreading more hopelessness and hatred.  Only this can lead to a peaceful resolution." 

Not In My Name joins the international events commemorating Rachel’s courageous and dedicated work, which will be taking place around the world on Tuesday, March 16, through our Sunday vigil.  We welcome the participation of all people of good will.

We have extended a special invitation to those who will be attending the very important Refuser Solidarity Network Conference, which will be held at DePaul University this weekend.  Not In My Name salutes the Israeli soldiers and young conscripts who are taking the courageous and difficult stand to oppose the Occupation.  We wish this Conference great success and direct the attention of the media to it. 

[March 12, 2021]