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Israel and Palestine’s relationship has often been complicated in recent history. There has been a long history of hostility between the two countries. Today, there are more people living in Israel and Palestine that speak other languages other than Hebrew than those who are able to speak Hebrew as their mother tongue.

A few centuries ago, both countries were neighbors, but by the twentieth century, they had been placed on opposite sides of a two-position war. The relationship was defined by military means and political conflict.

The Israelis and Palestinians were once in a military alliance, and were divided by a long border. Therefore, some cultures in Israel and Palestine still continue to be loyal to one another. This kind of loyalty is rare, however, and not many people see it.

The media portrays these two nations as being like the two sides of a coin. In a sense, they are both civilizations. However, Israel and Palestine are not like that. In fact, they are like two sides of the same coin.

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Understanding Israel and Palestine

Despite the massive media coverage that Israel and Palestine have been receiving in recent weeks, most Americans do not know much about either one of these countries. This is unfortunate, because both Israel and Palestine are very important nations. Moreover, the relations between them are quite complex and full of symbolism. This is why it […]

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